Fate Line

Palmistry Life Line

The Fate line represents our career and overall outlook on work. This line refers to our life path, or, in other words, our destiny. Therefore, it is also called as the destiny line. If there is not a fate line on a palm, the bearer will probably struggle to determine the best career path that will make them happy. Palm readers need to look closely at the Fate line to figure out whether you will be wealthy in life. Generally speaking, the Fate line indicates the amount of money that you can generate throughout your life. It affects your luck and destiny. If the line is strong without any cross or negative sign on it, then the owners may be destined for a fortune!

The Fate line runs between the Life line and the Head line. The line might begin in the wrist and might finish at numerous places on the palms. Commonly, it diminishes at the Jupiter finger (index finger). In some cases, it may not appear until midway almost in the palm. Some people even do not have a fate line at all. The Fate line may contain breaks, chains, crosses, folks, squares, etc.

Elements on the fate line
  • Dots and chains: If you have dots and chains on your Fate line, you are likely to experience worry at work. Pay attention to the actual point, too. It is important to know that there might be a surprise event if you recognize a single dot on this line.
  • Triangles: Your career will be associated with psychic pursuits, like a clairvoyant, for example. A triangle is not a bad sign; it reveals that you will attempt to achieve things in your life.
  • Squares: The square on the Fate line usually appears on natural teachers. These people have the talent to motivate other people.
  • Crosses: If you have a cross on your Fate line, then you will have to overcome blockages and obstacles that will pull you back from attaining your main targets in life. This is truly a barrier to your destiny.
  • Grilles: Lots of starting and stopping will appear in your life with respect to life’s endeavors.
  • Stars: If you have a star on your Fate line, congratulation! You will be famous.
  • Tassels: This element is not typically seen on the palm. It stands for scattered energies or unmanifested ideas.
  • Circle: A circle on the Fate line is a great sign on the mounts; it suggests success at work.
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