Easy Guide for Markings in Palm Reading Online

Palm Reading Online
Palm Reading Online

When you opt for a session of palm reading online, you may find that the reader makes reference to markings on the palm. It is vital that you gain an understanding the importance and significance of these marks. After all, they are capable of affecting the interpretation of the lines in either a positive or a negative manner. Here is a short guide to help you out.

The Guide
  • Breaks
  • The breaks are markings that can be present in either the major or the minor lines. They can either be positive or negative depending on their location and direction.

  • Chains
  • In palmistry, chains are symbolic of the various kinds of obstacles that you may face in your life. The length of the chain will denote how the long the problems and issues caused by these chains will last for.

  • Dots
  • It is not easy to discover the dots as they can be rather small. In fact, you may require a magnifying glass to properly identify them for they are. They are often linked to the major events that have brought you a crisis in your life. In palm reading, it is believed that the dots disappear once the issues or circumstances have been removed.

  • Crosses
  • These marks usually carry a negative connotation in palmistry as they are representative of problems that will last for a long time. They can also be symbolic of changes that occur in your life.

  • Grilles
  • In the majority of cases, you will find these marks on the mounts of your palm instead of your lines, as is the case with other marks. They also carry negative connotations as they symbolize adjustments and problems.

  • Islands
  • In palmistry, islands are representative of interruptions in your life which are not favorable to you. They typically represent periods of stress.

As there are many such markings, you should get a palm reading chart to help you out.

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