Do You Know These Palm Reading Free Markings?

Palm Reading Free
Palm Reading Free

When it comes to palm reading free, usually attention is given to the major lines and sometimes the minor lines and the mounts. However, the markings are just as important. After all, these markings can greatly affect the reading as they can impact the interpretation of the lines. As such, here are a few markings you should understand

The Markings
  • The Letter M
  • In palmistry, the occurrence of the letter M is quite rare. This is not a marking actually but rather the shape formed by a combination of lines.  More specifically, it occurs when the three major lines cross each other in the middle of your palm. Of course, the major lines are the head, the life and the heart lines. The presence of this marking indicates that the person is quite fortunate and lucky.

  • Squares
  • As the name suggests, these makings have the shape of a square. In palmistry, if they are found near the line breaks, they are considered to be good as they represent protection from whatever negative thing that would have arisen out of the break. However, if it is found on a line without any breaks, it can mean that you will feel boxed in.

  • Upward Lines
  • These markings are considered to be positive in nature as they show that the person has managed to overcome the obstacles in their life through the strength of his or her own determination. As such, they can indicate that the person will be successful in life and will manage to achieve the goals that he or she has set.

  • Downward Lines
  • They are just the opposite of upward lines. As such, they are representative of times in which the situation is bad for the person in online palm reading. They are also indicative of unhappiness, pessimism, losses and negative energy. They can also mean that the person does not think positively.

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