Do You Know These 4 Markings for Free Palm Reading?

Free Palm Reading
Free Palm Reading

In a free palm reading, you will come across a number of markings. These markings will differ from person to person as not all people have them. While the lines are important, the markings should not be forgotten. After all, the markings can influence the interpretations of the lines and mounts. Here are some of the markings that you should become familiar with.

The Markings
  • Transverse Lines
  • These markings tend to carry a negative connotation in palmistry. They can be found on either lines or mounts. They take away the positive aspects of the line or the mount as they represent obstacles in any place that they appear. They can also be a sign that the skills are being used by the person with an ill intent.

  • Tassels
  • These markings are also called frayed lines in palm reading. If they are present on the palm, they can symbolize chaos or confusion in a specific situation. They may also be indicative of decline in the spiritual, physical or emotional level. As you begin to age, you may notice these markings appearing at the end of the life line.

  • Vertical Lines
  • According to palm readers, vertical lines are considered to be good markings generally as they denote positive energy. It is possible for a person to have many of these markings on various sections of the palm. When they are found on lines or mounts, they can reduce and even neutralize any negative energy that are lingering.

  • Grilles
  • In palmistry, grilles are generally considered to be negative. They are usually found on the mounts. They are representative of problems as these markings can disperse the energy. They can also signify that the person will be hindered in his or her advancement. These markings are also symbolic of the insecurity that a person can feel in his or her life at certain points.

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