Chinese Palm Reading Marriage Line

Chinese Palm Reading Marriage Line

Someone says that once the two souls simply meet on Earth, marriage is made in heaven. What does it mean? Wonder whether palm reading may give us some convincing clues?

As we all know that palm reading or palmistry is the ancient art of endeavoring to decipher how a person’s life will turn out to be, thanks to reading many intricate lines on his palm. Although this art tends not to be an exact science, several experts also claim that it’s considerably precise.

On our palm, there are 3 major lines, including the Head line, Life line, and Heart line. Wish to dig deep into our love life? This article is going to deal with the marriage line – the line often arouses much more interest for many!

Pointers To Interpreting A Marriage Line – Chinese Palm Reading!

Needless to say, before we proceed to decipher the marriage line, it’s always necessary to determine its location on our palm, right? According to Chinese Palmistry, it is a small line located below the base of the pinky. Though it seems not to be as deep and prominent as the 3 major lines, we also see it clearly.

Generally speaking, the number of the strong lines is often said to denote the number of relationships or marriages we would have. In any case, a palm reading chart might aid us in knowing where exactly this line is. Now, don’t be hesitant to take a close glance at its different aspects.

  1. A Long and Straight Line

When our marriage line is long and straight, it may be a sign of a satisfactory and long-term relationship/marriage. At that time, the Heart line is situated close to it on our palm.

  1. A Faint Line

On the contrary, in the mentioned area of the marriage line, the faint line often indicates flings and romances. Nevertheless, if it is outstanding and deep, it can be a strong indicator of a marital life. Please keep in mind that marriage line with a fork tends to have a different meaning altogether.

  1. Break in the Line

In case there is a break in our marriage line, after breaking, the split lines often come together with an overlap again. According to the palm reading guide, it may imply union after a separation.

  1. Fork in the Line

As soon as looking closely at our marriage line, we see a fork in it, so what does it signify? Typically, a fork near the starting point of the line can represent a long engagement before marriage. On the other hand, a line ending with a fork may show a possible separation.

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