Best Palm Reading Tips You Will Read This Year

Best Palm Reading Tips You Will Read This Year

Are you interested in learning palm reading techniques? There are many things a hand cay tell. An open hand is a symbol of trust and reciprocation while a closed hand represents hostility. Palmistry, or chiromancy, is the art of studying the characteristics of the palm and its lines to interpreter the owner’s personality and destiny.

History of Palm Reading

Palm reading is believed to have initiated in India quite a few thousand years BC. It then spread to neighboring countries like Egypt, Persia, China, Tibet, and finally traveled to Europe in the 12th century. Almost every country has its own variations of the tradition palm reading. In the Middle Ages, like a lot of other occultism, palmistry was trusted in a lot and developed to the level of being a science. People use it to characterize a person and try to predict his/her future based on lines and general features of the palm.

There was a time when people became skeptical about palmistry and associated it with cheats and hogwash. Nowadays, occult careers, like palm reading, are becoming a rage – a lot of people consider palmist as a serious profession. They learn palmistry and acquire an in-depth knowledge of this art.

Which hand should be read?

Everybody has an active hand and an inactive hand. Of course, there are people who can use both hands, but they are very rare – so we only discuss the normal case. For instance, if you are right-handed then your active hand is the right hand, and the inactive one is the left hand. If you are left-handed, it is vice versa. In a word, the active hand represents your ability to change your life and future while the inactive one reveals your inborn qualities and hidden potential.

There are still arguments about “Which of the two palms should be looked at while studying palm reading?” Many people suppose that we should only observe the active hand because this hand is more important than the inactive one. According to Chinese palmistry, a woman is advised to read her right hand while a man should read his left hand. However, there is a theory that both hands are important and thus they should be considered when you read your palm. No matter which hand you choose to read, but if you want to get an accurate reading, you need to consider all the aspects of your hand as well as their relation to each other, instead of focusing on only one.

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