An Easy Guide to Palm Reading Marriage Line and Others

Palm Reading Marriage Line
Palm Reading Marriage Line

Palm reading marriage line can give you an idea about when you may get married and how the marriage will be. There are other lines as well. Therefore, it is vital to get a reading of the other important lines so as to get a better idea of what may happen. Here is an easy guide for them.

The Readings
  • Marriage Line
  • In palmistry, a longer marriage line represents that the love will last for a long time and is deep. However, a short and shallow line means that the person does not have much interest in pursuing others for marriage. If this line curves upward, it means that the married life will remain constant and settled. There will really be any problems. On the other hand, a downward curve means that the partner may die before you.

  • Life Line
  • If the life line is long and deep, it means that you will possess a high resistance to diseases. In the same way, a short line means that the person will be susceptible to diseases. Clear and thick lines symbolize that the person is better suited to physical activities. Conversely, shallow lines represent that the person is better at using mental faculties. You can get more information through palm reading online.

  • Head Line
  • The length of this line is an important factor in its interpretations in palmistry. A long head line is one that extends underneath the small finger. Such a line shows that the person possesses a clear mind. Medium length lines end under the ring finger and they denote kindness and smartness. Short lines show that the person is hasty, impulsive and careless. Straight lines predict strong analytical abilities while curves predict tolerance and realistic nature. However, a steep downward curve represents good imaginative and creative skills in the person.

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