An Easy Guide for How to Read Hands

How to Read Hands
How to Read Hands

You may have been wondering how to read hands. This can actually be a useful skill to have. You can show off your skills at parties and social gatherings after all. However, you may also be able to help out people or yourself. Here is a simple guide to help you get started with the learning process. First, you will need to learn about the various aspects that are used in this art.

The Various Aspects
  • The Major Lines
  • In palmistry, various lines are recognized as having an effect on the personality and life of an individual. However, only three of them are considered to be major lines. These lines are the head line, the heart line and the life line. All readings start with these three lines.

  • The Minor Lines
  • There are many other lines used in palm reading and they are classified under minor lines. However, you do not have to follow all of these lines for your own reading. Nonetheless, there are a few lines which are common to all readers. They are the marriage line, children line, health line, sun line and money line. These lines govern a number of features in an individual.

  • The Mounts
  • Every palm contains seven mounts according to palm reading. If you want to know how to read my palm, you must become familiar with the mounts. These mounts are influenced by celestial bodies and each of them is named after one of those bodies. They can affect the reading of the lines, both major and minor.

  • The Markings
  • Every palm can contain a number of markings. These markings can have a positive or a negative influence on the individual in palmistry. However, the exact influence depends on the location of the mark and its types. As there are several markings, you need to take your time in learning them.

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