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What we think and how we behave is represented through our nerves and displayed on our hands and feet. The palm reading diagram below mentions this process and denotes the nerves running from our brain to the hands and feet. The lines on our hands are the recipients of our thoughts. Besides, there are other aspects that you need to take care when you read your palm, such as the structure, color, shape, texture, flexibility, and the suppleness of our hands.

Significance of the mounts in palm reading
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Along with the lines and the fingers of palmistry, we also analyze the mounts to know more about one individual. Generally speaking, the mounts reveal where your energy and talents lie. The more developed the mounts are, the more strengths in certain characteristics you have. Observe the palmistry diagram below and pay attention to the highlighted section to read your palm correctly.

  • Ju – the Jupiter mount symbolizes your ambition, willingness, and enthusiasm to share and socialize.
  • Sa – the Saturn mount denotes your responsibility, stability, and love of tradition. It may also display a greater knowledge of the time, rhythm, and the deep aspects of life.
  • Ap – the Apollo or Sun mount stands for your love of life, creativity, fruitfulness, spontaneity, success. It is a sunny disposition.
  • Me – the Mercury mount represents your ability to communicate and interact with others. A developed mount implies an ability to inspire a message quickly, clearly and diplomatically. This mount serves well in negotiation and commerce.
  • Ma+, Mars positive or the first Mars mount (the base between the thumb and index finger on the diagram of hand ), reveals your courage and willingness to defend your beliefs and others’ beliefs. It is the symbol of your energy and tenacity.
  • Ma-, Mars negative or the second Mars mount, denotes your sense of commitment and responsibility to the social community as well as your staying power.
  • Pl of Ma – the Mars plain signifies how bearing your personality is on others and to what degree you make use of your first and second Mars characteristics.
  • Lu – the mount of Moon or the Luna mount (shown at the bottom right of the hand corner), implies your sense of imagination, intuition, inventiveness, and romantic aspirations. It also represents your written skills and a strong desire for change.
  • Ne – the Neptune mount implies a charming, magnetic and intuitive trait. This mount is not very common and is sometimes confused with the Venus mount.
  • Ve – the Venus mount usually exists in the hands of artists and can also illustrate good circulation and constitution. It is perhaps the greatest indicator of your passion for life and your virility as well.
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