5 Vital Facts to Know Before a Palm Reading Online

Palm Reading Online
Palm Reading Online

These days, you can easily get a palm reading online. However, it is important that you are familiar with the various aspects of such a reading. This will help you better understand your reading so that you can make the most of. There are quite a few aspects of palmistry out of which five of the most important ones are given below.

The Facts
  • The Hand
  • In palmistry, hands play a very important role as they contain the lines and mounts which will be read and interpreted. Typically, the dominant hand is given importance in the reading. However, there are many schools which consider the right hand to be the important one irrespective of the dominance.

  • The Lines
  • There are many lines in a palm. However, there 8 palmistry lines which are considered to be the most important. These lines govern the most important aspects of a person’s life.

  • The Mounts
  • The mounts are the raised surfaces of the palm and they are also important in palm reading. There are seven recognised mounts in palmistry. Each mount is linked with and named after a planet of the solar system. Mounts are used to represent certain characteristics.

  • The Markings
  • The marks present on the palm can have either a positive impact or a negative influence according to palmistry. The location of the markings on the lines or mounts along with their structure and size affect the reading.

  • Hand Shapes
  • There is a particular kind of palmistry that deals with the shape of the hand and it is known as chirognomy. The other aspects such as lines, markings and mounts are also considered.

There are many schools of thoughts when it comes to palm reading. Chinese and Indian Vedic styles are the most popular. You should also pay attention to this facet before getting a reading.

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