4 Amazing Minor Lines in Palm Reading Chart

Palm Reading Chart
Palm Reading Chart

In a palm reading chart, you will find that there many lines. You may already be familiar with the three major lines used in readings. However, there are many other minor lines to consider. Understanding them is important so that the reading can be as detailed as possible.

The Minor Lines
  • Girdle of Venus
  • The presence of this minor line in palm reading denotes that the person will be suffering from nervousness. As such, they can end up suffering from extreme lows as well as extreme highs. It also means that the person will look for excitement. As such, they can be rather sensual in nature.

  • Intuition Line
  • As the name suggests, this palmistry line denotes the ability of the person to read other people or situations very quickly. In other words, they tend to be rather intuitive in nature. Psychics and mediums generally possess this line. However, their sensitivity can make it harder for these people to tolerate crowds.

  • Simian Line
  • In palm reading, this is a very rare kind of line. This line is actually made of a combination of the head and the heart lines. As such, people with a simian line will neither have a heart line nor the head line. The simian line indicates that the person will have a very stubborn nature as they are ruled by their head or by their heart. At the same time, people with these lines can be quite successful in their life.

  • Ring of Solomon or Jupiter
  • This line can be found at the base of the index finger. As it lies over the mount of Jupiter, it is called the ring of Jupiter. This line is symbolic of leadership skills and people with it are often found in positions of authority.

By understanding the role played by the minor lines, you can ensure that a session of palm reading free is actually beneficial.

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